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We often take for granted when we walk into work, our doctor’s office, the airport or a stadium that the place is clean and safe. The outbreak of COVID-19 will lead us to question this assumption forever, which is why the cleaning service industry’s work is paramount from here on. Not only will the industry help our economy by disinfecting our workspaces so we can get back to business, but in a greater sense they’ll be key in reestablishing the public’s trust in the systems on which modern life is built. Our members’ work is essential to ensuring the physical, mental and emotional safety of America’s workers, travelers and consumers.

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We are essential to essential industries

Whether it’s fortifying the front line by disinfecting hospital rooms or rigorously cleaning offices to get back to normal as promptly as possible, the cleaners of America are, and will be, essential to the rebuilding and upkeep of the American economy. Their work helps reestablish and maintain trust among citizens and has nearly limitless economic implications across our country.

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Keeping us clean, keeping us safe

1,000,000 dedicated cleaning service workers across all 50 states.

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America is on the verge of losing its front-line defense

As our country and the world face this unprecedented public health crisis, our industry is on the brink of disaster. Many of our customers—facing extraordinary levels of uncertainty—are locking down and suspending our services. Our member companies are doing everything they can to avert job losses and ensure our workers receive a paycheck in these difficult times, but it might not be enough. The Coalition appreciates everything Congress and the Administration have done to provide assistance; however, many of the issues we face have not been addressed. We seek to collaborate with officials to consider other targeted measures that will help sustain our business operations (such as the employment of commercial cleaners) so that we can continue our important work during this pandemic and beyond. Read our letter to Congress

Who We Are

Founded in 2020 by the seven of the industry’s most respected organizations, the Cleaning Coalition of America represents the interests of contract cleaning service professionals nationwide.

Our Mission

The Cleaning Coalition of America represents the oft-overlooked contract cleaning professionals and puts a spotlight on the work they do to keep America safe and productive. We help ensure the highest quality of safety standards and practices, and we advocate for sound public policy with federal legislators and administrators.

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