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Nam Duong

Collins Building Services (New York City)

For nearly 20 years, Nam has been an amazing team member and leader at Collins Building Services, who is always willing to teach new employees best practices for customer service and performing the technical aspects of our work. Over his career, he has demonstrated great commitment to providing excellent service to our clients. Currently, Nam is the foreperson at New York University’s newest state of the art mixed-use location, and has been a member of the labor union 32BJ SEIU for 25 years.

Isaiah Elliott

Stadium Event Supervisor
Marsden (Minneapolis)

Isaiah has been working for Marsden since 2018 and started as a general cleaner in the stadiums division, then became a lead, and is now an event supervisor. Isaiah lives in downtown Minneapolis and loves to be around people all day. Isaiah likes to stand out and during his shift, he likes to see how many people he can reach and help.

Amina Farah

Marsden (Arizona)

Amina was born in Somalia and immigrated to the United States in 1998. She has four children and lives with her family in Arizona. As a cleaner for more than 15 years, she enjoys how it’s very quiet and working with nice people who appreciate her. Amina’s favorite part of her job is vacuuming.

Fritz Julian

Harvard Maintenance (New York City)

Fritz joined Harvard 37 years ago in 1986, providing routine work at a building on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Ave. By 1992, he became a porter at 60 East 56th Street, where he worked for 31 years, supporting three daughters through college. Known for his great relationship with the building owner and tenants, he has been recognized on more than one occasion for his dedication and professionalism.

Fritz enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, going to Central Park on Sundays, listening to Haitian music, and dancing.

Ismael Malabet

Floor Technician
GDI Services (Philadelphia)

Ismael joined GDI in 2017 and currently supports operations for the IRS/Brandywine Realty Trust. He always goes above and beyond to help his fellow colleagues and the client. Not only is Ismael an amazing staff member, he also loves spending time with his family telling jokes and watching movies.

Fernalin Martinez

Harvard Maintenance (New York City)

Fernalin joined Harvard 25 years ago in 1989 as a custodian at 245 Park Avenue. Known for his pleasant personality, professionalism, courtesy, and devotion to this craft, he keeps the main lobby in pristine condition. From operating heavy equipment to general janitorial work, he always says, “There’s a science in cleaning and it must be done correctly.”

Fernalin enjoys music, particularly the guitar, sharing, “We sing to family and friends! It’s my gateway hobby!” His project manager, Alessandro Rueda, says that he is an essential part of the business and, “I’m guessing that his guitar skills and willingness to help and provide the best service possible makes him a rock star!”

Lady Morales

GDI Services (Philadelphia)

Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, Lady joined GDI in 2008, and currently supports operations at 150 Radnor Financial. Known for her reliability, she is always available to cover and work with our Special Services team when needed. She helps with any last-minute call outs and has worked in practically every suburb account. In her down time, she enjoys walks in the park and bike riding.

Kristin Snow

Day Porter
ABM (Florida)

Florida-native Kristin Snow began her career with ABM working the custodian night shift at Santa Rosa County schools and was later promoted to Day Porter. Motivated by students every day, twenty years later, she still works tirelessly to provide teachers, students, and staff with safe and clean learning environments.

Ena Softley

Day Matron
Collins Building Services (New York City)

Ena has had a terrific 34 year career with Collins Building Services. Known for her dedication, genuine personality and positive outlook, she is well respected by management, peers, customers, and union representatives. She understands the importance of teamwork and meeting the customers needs day in and day out. Currently, Ena is the day matron at one of our Times Square buildings, and has been a member of the labor union 32BJ SEIU for 36 years.