California Legislation Would Damage Cleaning Industry and Economy

The CCA is strongly opposing a California bill that could decimate the cleaning industry, drag down the California economy, and spread to other states.

The proposed legislation (AB 2364) would limit cleaning to 2,000 square feet an hour. The new rule would potentially triple or quadruple maintenance costs in the state, from local grammar schools to downtown office buildings.

Those costs would likely be passed along to taxpayers and tenants, at a time when both groups are struggling. A building owner in downtown Los Angeles calculated that the additional cleaning costs on a million-square foot building from AB 2364 would be $100,000 a month. Airport cleaning costs would double and these increased janitorial costs would likely fall on the community and general public. Finally, there are over 10,000 public schools that would incur an additional $100 million annually in costs which will be borne by the taxpayers.

AB 2364 would not only have devastating impacts on the cleaning industry, but would also drive up costs for businesses, exacerbate the office vacancy crisis in California cities, and explode the state’s budget for education.

Click here to download the CBPA Opposition Letter and CCA Message.