Cleaning Coalition of America honored with President’s Award at BSCAI’S annual Contracting Success Conference

Washington, D.C. – The Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA), the leading trade group representing cleaning service professionals nationwide, today received the President’s Award at the 2021 BSCAI Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas. The award recognizes CCA’s contributions to the professional cleaning industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its leadership in promoting healthy and safe workplaces.

“The Cleaning Coalition of America is proud to serve as the voice for professional cleaners and advocate for balanced, common-sense policies and cleanliness standards that promote health and safety,” said Josh Feinberg, President of the Cleaning Coalition of America. “More than ever, embracing enhanced cleaning regimens is a health and business imperative that can help reduce the potential for COVID-19 outbreaks, support the nation’s economic recovery, and reduce the spread of illnesses beyond the pandemic.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, CCA member companies have partnered with property managers and business owners of every size to develop transparent COVID-19 response plans that have helped employers safely keep their doors open while ensuring the health of their employees, customers, and the professional cleaners working on the front lines.

“CBS is honored to be a founding member of the Cleaning Coalition of America,” said Kenneth J. Collins, President of Collins Building Services, Inc. “Together, we are helping to shape the national conversation around cleaning and disinfecting, and we are championing best practices for the industry – a commitment to our nation’s health and safety that we take seriously.”

In October, CCA released Clean Slate: A Reopening Guide for New York Businesses. The report, developed in coordination with independent experts in infectious disease and environmental hygiene, outlines recommendations for how businesses can maintain a safe and healthy workplace and mitigate the spread of viruses.